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What High School Seniors Need to Be Doing Right Now

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So it's your Senior year. You rocked your SAT (or ACT) test. You got all of your teacher recommendations. You even wrote all of your essays and sent your college applications in before the deadlines. Congrats! But wait a minute, because you're not done just yet. Finishing out your last semester (or quarters) of high school is just as important as it ever was. You want to make sure you end on a high note and make it as easy for yourself to transition to college as possible. Here are a couple of things you need to be doing right now:

Just say no to senioritis: Stay motivated with your schoolwork throughout second semester. Believe it or not, colleges still care about your grades even after they’ve accepted you. A drop in your grades could lead to your acceptance getting revoked. You’ve worked so hard up to get to this point, so don’t stop now!

Last call for scholarships: If you didn’t find time to apply for scholarships last year, now is the time to do it! There are many scholarships out there with later deadlines, so get researching and applying.

Applications, check!: We know it was a huge relief once your applications were submitted, but don’t forget to follow up with the college to be sure they received everything they need. If anything is missing, schedule some time with your guidance counselor and get the materials to them as soon as possible.

FAFSA: Student aid forms take time to process, so you need to get started now; especially because you will need your parents for this. Schedule some time with them and be sure they have all of their 2012 tax information. Read our blog post to learn more.

Say yes and rest: If you applied early decision and were accepted, congrats!! Tell them yes, withdraw your other applications and go celebrate! (Just make sure any embarrassing graduation party photos stay off of Facebook. You never know who might be checking up on you.)

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