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Twice is Nice: Why You Should Take the SAT or ACT More Than Once

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Sure, taking the SAT or ACT the first time is hard enough. We understand. It takes months of studying to prepare, not to mention giving up your Saturday morning and hard-earned money to pay for registration fees. But once you get through it the first time, the second time really is a charm. Here are five reasons you should take the SAT or ACT more than once:

To overcome first-time jitters: College Board studies show that more than 50% of students that take the test a second time will raise their scores. You’ll be more familiar with the test structure and timing on the second go-round, plus you’ll hopefully be less stressed, since you’ve already completed it once before. 

To get more money for college: A higher test score means greater scholarship opportunities and the possibility of better financial aid offers. Increasing your test scores even by a small amount could boost you into a new score range and open up tons of new scholarship and grant possibilities. Make sure you know what score you need to achieve to be considered for additional offers. Call your admissions office to find out.

To get to the top of the list: If you find yourself on the wait list of your top choice school, sending higher test scores may help your chance of getting accepted. Try to send higher scores as soon as possible, along with other compelling reasons they should choose you. A better application all around will certainly help your chances.

To upgrade your education: If your college plans didn’t work out the way you had hoped and you’re taking a gap year or going to community college first, try taking the test again, when you’re ready to move forward. You’ll be older, wiser, and hopefully more confident, so you’ll have a better chance of getting into that first choice school you had planned for all along.

Because it’s risk free: With a test prep course like PrepMe, you are guaranteed a higher score or you receive a full refund! So what do you have to lose?

The good news about taking the SAT or ACT more than once is that you get to choose which scores get sent to a college with your application. So if you bomb the test on your first try, then spend more time studying and rock it on the next try, the admissions office will never know about that first score.  Plan to take the tests initially in the spring of your junior year and again in the fall of your senior year and you’ll be on your way to the college of your choice! 

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