Preparing for the SAT/ACT

The admissions process to the universities in the U.S requires that you pass the SAT and/or the ACT. The tests are an integral part of the admission process. Take your time to prepare thoroughly for the tests. You will realize that adequate preparation translates to good scores once you see the high marks scored by the American students who need to be admitted to prestigious universities in the U.S. Do not just go to the tests blindly. Create a program that will see you sit for a mock exam as well as the essays. This will give you a feel of the tests’ structure and timing. Some of strategies of preparation are:-


  1. Use the study materials that are provided for free. Most of these materials are found ACT/SAT websites. The College Board website has a sample reasoning test for you.You will get a chance to view and attempt the SAT/ACT question for each day as there are daily questions. You could also choose to sign up and receive the questions via email. You will also get a sample ACT online.
  2. Enquire from the test tutors: In case you are in need of more assistance to pass the SAT/ACT tests, you might need to consider seeking the help of tutors. The tutors will give you one on one support, and the help you get thereof will be critical in helping you to prepare adequately for the tests. You may not help yourself in the best way possible.
  3. Make use of the print guides for SAT/ACT: I will not guarantee you that there is a particular method to prepare adequately for the tests. You will be required to check the best books that suit your study methods. Some students prefer to have several full tests for maximum practice while others prefer to be taken through each concept in a stepwise manner.
  4. Read widely: While the SAT/ACT tests entail testing your wits on various subjects, it is advisable to be a person who reads even before you attempt the tests. If you have been reading several books on various subjects and topics, then the essay tests for instance will be pretty easy for you as your grammar will be flawless.Moreover, reading widely enables you to have wide knowledge on the US history as this is one of the subjects that you will be tested on. Do not fail in a subject that only requires you to read a few books.


Discuss with your friends who are also taking the same test as you. Do not think that you are sitting for the SAT/ACT tests alone. There are hundreds of students who are taking the tests. Find a few and exchange ideas on the ways of handling the questions. You will be amazed at the number of ways available to solve a certain question that poses a challenge to you. Do not sit alone. Discuss as much as you can and do not discuss in fear.


Hi! SAT broadly means Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, which is conducted for admissions into higher education in the United States of America. First time Introduced in the year 1926, SAT was founded by the College Board, which is a privately owned nonprofit corporation in the United States.