Every student is different.
PrepMe understands.

Test preparation should not be a “one-size-fits-all” solution. PrepMe is a web-based, adaptive learning platform that identifies your strengths and weaknesses to create a personalized study plan based on your unique needs and timelines. Forget those expensive on-site prep courses. Study smarter online and raise your test scores today!

Study at your own pace.

As you progress through PrepMe’s personalized study plan, the program adapts to you, concentrating on subjects where you need the most help and minimizing time spent on skills you’ve already mastered. Most test prep courses waste time teaching stuff you already know. With PrepMe, you maximize every minute of your time spent studying for exams.

More than just tips and tricks.

Some test prep solutions focus on teaching students only what they need to beat the test. We believe that true learning and content mastery is the key to success on standardized exams and in preparing students for college. PrepMe’s interactive lessons help you build the fundamental skills you need to ace your exam, and actually retain that information so you can excel in college.

Real practice from real exams.

Our program uses full-length tests from The College Board so you get the most realistic practice possible. In addition, we offer dozens of practice quizzes to reinforce what you’re learning. Personalized schedules automatically tell you when to take quizzes and on which weeks you should attempt full-length practice tests. Come test day, there’s no better feeling than, “I got this”.

Track your real-time progress.

We track every click in our system and provide detailed reports on your progress. Compare your scores to other PrepMe students, or follow your improvement over time. Parents can also receive an emailed weekly progress report that lets them know how their children are doing. Find peace of mind knowing that your test scores are on track for success.

Increased to a 2200 on the SAT

PrepMe was most helpful in finding my areas of weakness and focusing my study on those areas. The other option would have been to study using books — which would have been more difficult for me to figure out what to study most. PrepMe told me what I needed to work on. Also, I found the program flexible. It was easy to log on whenever I had free time to study.
~ Kira Schott, PrepMe Student

SAT Test Preparation

Each course includes over 60 hours of lessons

SAT math lesson in online test prep course

104 multimedia lessons and 61 quizzes are aligned to the standards set forth by the official test makers and will prepare you for the SAT®’s three components: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing.

Each lesson is narrated and interactive, embedded with real-time Q&A that reinforces learning and improves memory retention to ensure you understand every topic and concept. A text-only version of every lesson is also available so you can customize the classroom to your preferred style of learning. Along with real subject matter curriculum, PrepMe also includes additional tips for time and stress management, intelligent guessing tactics, and strategies for reading quickly while comprehending more.

Get access to full-length official practice tests online

Our program uses full-length tests from the official test makers so your students get the most realistic practice possible. In addition, we offer dozens of practice quizzes to reinforce what they are learning. Personalized schedules automatically tell them when to take quizzes and on which weeks they should attempt full-length practice tests. Instantly graded online, the tests will give them an idea of how they’ll do on the real thing. Your students will go into test day with confidence, knowing they’re fully prepared for all of the content covered on the test.

Why PrepMe

Thousands of students in schools worldwide have used PrepMe and achieved amazing results. Our approach just works. Our skills-based curriculum ensures that your students are not only better prepared to take the ACT, SAT, or PSAT, but that they also have a real understanding of the material needed for college readiness and success. Our outstanding program is also backed by world-class support specialists that are ready to help you with any challenge you may come across. When it comes to test prep, we've got your students covered.

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