Standards Reporting

By skill or by subject, by quiz or by test, your reporting will provide a clear picture of each student's performance, whether related to time on task or aligned to college readiness standards.

Make compliance & analysis easy with detailed reports

We track every click in our system and provide detailed reports on each student’s usage and scores. View reports on the individual level or compare your class as a whole to make sure they stay on target for upcoming test dates. With the ACT PrepMe course, you can also report by individual Common Core State Standards or ACT College Readiness Standards, making it easy to provide compliance for state mandates. Your reports can also be used to fulfill any funding applications or support grant writing efforts and school board presentations.

The flexibility to deliver unique results

Every district, every school, and every teacher may have different reporting needs, so we give you the flexibility to choose which data you want to measure your students by. You can view the percent of your students that have mastered each PrepMe skill, such as “Quadratic Formula” or “Pronoun Case,” to determine what areas of study they need extra help with. Test and quiz reporting will give you an idea of what to expect for real standardized test scores. Or make checking homework easy by monitoring your class’s login and usage data. Don’t waste time sorting through rows and rows of data when you can view custom reports tailored to each of your specific needs.

Tools to analyze data and provide standards compliance

You don’t need a full-time data whiz to understand the reports that you get from PrepMe. All of your students’ information will be formatted into colorful, easy-to-read graphs and charts to make analysis a breeze. Or create your own reports by downloading raw data into a spreadsheet to share or archive. With PrepMe's powerful reporting tools, you get to spend less time looking at data and more time in the classroom, making an impact with your students.

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