Custom Curriculum

Provide up to 33 hours of extended practice and learning with the extensive ACT Question Bank. Loaded with 2,000 extra questions, teachers can create custom tests and quizzes to reinforce specific subject areas.

Build your own custom tests and quizzes

Available as an add-on to PrepMe’s standard ACT course, the ACT Question Bank gives you the flexibility to create a custom curriculum to emphasize the subjects and skills that you want your students to review. Align your assessments to PrepMe skills, ACT College Readiness Standards, or Common Core State Standards and insert them directly into your students’ weekly schedules.

Sort questions by difficulty level

Custom ACT curriculum in online test prep course

When creating your custom assessments, you can choose from 2,000 questions ranging in difficulty from easier, medium, or harder from 106 skills or 283 standards in four subject areas. This gives you the freedom to create your lesson plans with increasing difficulty as students learn the material.

Create introductory quizzes with easy questions in the early stages of the program and gradually work up to harder questions for final review tests. Or offer harder questions to an advanced group of students or easier questions to younger learners. The Question Bank gives you the ultimate control over your classroom as you help your students prepare for their exams.

Give students extra practice

personalized schedule in prepme online test prep course

Also included with the ACT Question Bank are the Extra Practice and Weekly Wrap-up Test features that require no extra configuration or set-up on your behalf. Students automatically get access to these tools after completing their normal weekly assignments. The Extra Practice button will appear for any assignment that contains both a lesson and a quiz.

Once the student finishes the lesson and takes the quiz, PrepMe presents extra practice questions sorted by difficulty level depending on how the student performed on the associated quiz. Students can click the Extra Practice button multiple times to continue to see additional question sets. The Weekly Wrap-up Test appears once all lessons and quizzes have been completed for the week and is designed to review the associated material before moving on in the personalized lesson plan.

Analyze your results with custom reporting

Reporting on custom tests and quizzes is just as easy as reporting on those that are already built in to PrepMe. You can view the assessments you created by average score and monitor progress over time or check in on individual student progress to see the initial score, the latest score, and the number of times a particular test was attempted.

This can tell you if a student is struggling or making great strides so that you can intervene as is appropriate. You also get the ability to download your classroom’s data for archiving or sharing purposes.

Meet state testing and standards needs

As states continue to roll out K-12 exams to test proficiency against their standards, many faculty and members of administration are looking for coordinated skills-based programs which serve dual purposes. On one hand, these mandates require school compliance, but on the other hand, they can strain student excitement about learning. 

In states where college readiness standards are incorporated into state exams, like the Prairie State Achievement Exam, PrepMe can offer a solution that services the needs of the school but also help set a path for college entrance test prep down the road.

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