Adaptive Learning Platform

Test preparation should not be a “one-size-fits-all” solution. PrepMe is a web-based, adaptive learning platform that identifies each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses to create a customized study plan based on their needs and timelines.

More than just tips and tricks

True learning is the key to success on standardized exams like the ACT, SAT, and PSAT, as well as preparing students for college. Our interactive online lessons and quizzes are embedded with real-time Q&A that reinforces learning and improves memory retention to ensure your students understand every topic and concept. PrepMe will not only prepare your students to get amazing test scores, it will also teach the skills needed to excel in college and beyond.

Students study smarter, not harder

personalized schedule in prepme online test prep course

Each student takes an initial hour-long diagnostic exam that analyzes his or her strengths and weaknesses across more than 100 skill areas (such as "Quadratic Formula" and "Pronoun Case"). Then our adaptive learning platform analyzes the data and generates an individual skill profile—within seconds. Based on the results of the diagnostic exam, our technology creates a personalized, week-to-week study plan for each student. Then as students progress through the course, the program adapts to them, prioritizing study time on lessons that are needed most and minimizing time spent on skills that are already mastered. With PrepMe, students make the most of their time spent studying for their ACT, SAT, and PSAT exams.

Over 60 hours of multimedia lessons

ACT science lesson in online test prep course

Each lesson is narrated and interactive, created by the nation's top educators and test prep experts. A text-only version of every lesson is also available so the classroom can be customized to each student’s preferred style of learning. Along with real subject matter curriculum, PrepMe also includes additional tips for time and stress management, intelligent guessing tactics, and strategies for reading quickly while comprehending more. Students will learn more than just how to beat the test. They’ll learn valuable skills that will carry forward with them into their college studies.

Real practice from real exams

SAT English practice test in online test prep course

Our program uses full-length tests from the official test makers so your students get the most realistic practice possible. In addition, we offer dozens of practice quizzes to reinforce what they are learning. Personalized schedules automatically tell them when to take quizzes and on which weeks they should attempt full-length practice tests. Instantly graded online, the tests will give them an idea of how they’ll do on the real thing. Your students will go into test day with confidence, knowing they’re fully prepared for all of the content covered on the test.

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