High SAT Scores: Need-To-Know Tips And Strategies

The tips and strategies that you need to have so as to pass the SAT tests are very critical. They come in handy during the day of the test. You should endeavor to understand the ways of tackling the test so that you will not be disappointed during the test.


Tips to get high scores in SAT tests

  1. Take a moment to relax the night just before you sit for the test

Do not get into the habit of cramming. Basically, the tests weigh the amount of knowledge that you have accumulated throughout your study time in the year. Moreover, you have been in the preparation stage for the SAT test throughout. Do not try to understand a certain concept during the last minute. On the night before the test, relax – take a walk around town or hang out at a movies place. This will help your mind to get off the test for a while.

  1. Trust that you have learnt enough strategies to enable you pass the SAT test

You have studied enough. You have accumulated sufficient knowledge for the period that you have been preparing for the SAT test. This preparation should be enough to give you the score that you are looking for in the SAT tests. Gauge yourself once in a while with a few refresher courses so that you may remain adequately prepared for the test.

SAT high scores: Specific tips for the test


  1. Writing based on evidence

In this section you will read some passages that need some improvement. The manner in which you improve the passage more so in the punctuation and sentence order is important. It is important to read the passage quietly in a loud manner to yourself so that you can make out any grammatical errors in the passage.

  1. Reading comprehension: Evidence-based reading

This test has short and long passages. Read through each passage to get a gist of what it entails. Worry not about the details since you can always come later and handle them later. Try to find the main ideas. Try to answer the questions that have a direct answer from the passage. Anytime that you have after you have finished can be used in solving the challenging questions.

  1. Multiple choice questions: Evidence-based writing

This section has three types of questions during the SAT. The first type is where you are required to answer questions for improving certain sentences. You will be required to choose the sentence that is written in a correct manner for a certain portion that is underlined. The second type is where you will be tasked with trying to find out an erroneous part of a given sentence. The third type is where you are required to improve some paragraphs through organizing and clarifying given information. In the three types of questions, use the simplest and the clearest way to bring out your idea. You can know whether an answer is wrong if you read a statement and realize that it sounds awkward.


Hi! SAT broadly means Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, which is conducted for admissions into higher education in the United States of America. First time Introduced in the year 1926, SAT was founded by the College Board, which is a privately owned nonprofit corporation in the United States.

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