What To Know About SAT Testing

You can interpret the results of your test in two ways: in accordance to your abilities and the score you expect and in relationship to the score range and averages for various colleges. SAT is a renowned test and every student who seeks to gain entry to a prestigious college should take SAT seriously. SAT test is handled by a majority of the juniors either in March or May. Others choose to wait until the senior year comes. Prepare for the SAT test by taking a few actual tests before the d-day for the test. Since most colleges admit students who have aced the SAT subject tests. It is therefore important if you study and pass the SAT subject tests.



Mark the date for your SAT test

It is recommended that junior students should take at least one SAT examduring the spring. This should not be misconstrued to mean that the junior students should rush for the test in winter or fall. Once you take the SAT subject test or SAT test, the score that you get will be displayed on your report, and this will be relayed to colleges during the senior year. It is not advisable to send the score that you get in the junior spring.

What do admission officers look for from the SAT tests

BY now you should have known that the old writing test for SAT II is no longer available. However, the interpretation of the results will be similar to the current SAT test since the two have no much difference between them.

You should know that the essay you write can be viewed by the selecting colleges should they choose to do so. This essay can be compared to the application essay that you wrote as well as the grades that you scored in grammar. This will give a better understanding of your profile.

The reading section based on evidence call for your ability to read, comprehend, and analyze certain given passages. The stories carry similar themes and your answers should be critical enough. Moreover, in the writing section, show your prowess and ability to better a given text.

The Mathematics section requires you to show if you have mastered Algebra II. You are advised to skip the first SAT test if you are studying algebra as a junior student.


SAT scores: A new benchmark

Based on the fact that the SAT test is new to many, it is important to understand the grading and interpretation of the scores. Once schools go through the entire pool of applicants, they might be swayed to believe that the pattern of the scores gives certain information. If the pattern depicts low scores, the colleges might revise the passing mark that they had put before the test.

Hi! SAT broadly means Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, which is conducted for admissions into higher education in the United States of America. First time Introduced in the year 1926, SAT was founded by the College Board, which is a privately owned nonprofit corporation in the United States.
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SAT is a mandatory test that is administered on any student that wishes to be admitted to any university in the United States. The tests are two, and the other one apart from SAT is ACT.
SAT reasoning test: What about it?

The reasoning test takes three hours plus an additional 50 minutes to write an essay. However, the essay test is optional but it is advisable to attempt it. The three-hour test is divided into two sections namely mathematics and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. The main aim of the test is to check the ability of the interviewees to think critically as well as their analytical skills. As for the essay that is allowed 50 minutes, it is given at the end of the SAT and it is an optional test. The institutions that will be administering the SAT will decide whether they will need to see the essay before accepting or declining a request for admission.

The reasoning test is offered a number of times every year at many sites all over the United Kingdom. An important point to note is that SAT has been redesigned and given a new looks from May 2016.



The subject tests: What about them?

Depending on the competitive nature of the university, you might be required to take several subject tests; 2-3. This is on top of the ACT or SAT reasoning test. The students are allowed a maximum of one hour and the subjects offered are Physics, Biology, Literature, mathematics Level 1 & 2, US and world History, and Chemistry. On top of these tests, there are an additional 2 language tests both of which can have or lack a component of listening. The ones which do not have the listening component are Latin, Spanish, Italian, and French among others. The ones which have a listening component are Korean, French, and Japanese among others. You will not find a university that guides you on the tests to take but it advisable to take the tests that you will do well.


Visit the College Board website to register for the SAT. The Fulbright Commission from US-UK does not register you for SAT and it is a designated center for testingSAT. Moreover, you cannot be registered by the testing sites, do not bother to call them.


Testing Fees

For the reasoning test, you will be required to pay $57 for registration. You may choose to pay $45 if you do not want to take the essay. You will also be required to pay $38 which is the international processing fee for the test. In case you are taking the first basic subject test, you will pay $26 for registration. In addition to this, pay $38 as an international processing fee. For every basic subject test you need to add, you shall be charged $20. If you need to take the test for language with listening, you shall pay $26 for every test. When you are allowed to the test on the test day, you will pay $46 fee.

Hi! SAT broadly means Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, which is conducted for admissions into higher education in the United States of America. First time Introduced in the year 1926, SAT was founded by the College Board, which is a privately owned nonprofit corporation in the United States.

What To Know About SAT Subject Tests Before You Study

The subject tests tested during the SAT exams are aimed to testing the ability and strength of students in several academic areas. Some of the colleges require that you pass the tests before being admitted while others take into consideration the scores that a student has scored in order to be considered for admission. Do you aspire to take several tests on various subjects? Check these aspects of SAT exams before you undertake the tests. They will be of help to you before and during the tests.

Exam format

The subject tests given to students are multiple choice tests. If you do not answer a question correctly, you will be deducted a fraction of a point. The number choices that are given determine the penalty. If a question has few answer choices, every wrong answer will be deducted higher marks. It is therefore not advisable to guess without a particular strategy.


Before you begin the actual preparation of the actual test that you have chosen to undertake, consider the strategies that will help you eliminate the wrong answers. For instance, in a Mathematics test, it will be of help if you can learn how to approximate the range of the answer even without any calculation. In Science exams, understanding some particular principles will come in handy in eliminating improbable answers.

Exam timing

The SAT exams are administered within an hour. This is a tense period. You may choose to sit for more than one exam in a day. However, this is not an advisable strategy. It is better to spread the tests across a few months. A one hour exam does not give you the relevant pace to pad around. In case a single SAT subject whips you up, the time to catch up later is limited. You are therefore advised to monitor closely the time and avoid taking too much time on a single question.

Take some time to ponder on the number of questions that can have in any exam before you start your review.Some questions have a higher level of difficulty than others. In view of this, you do not need to limit yourself to a given number of seconds for every question. Instead of doing this, split the exam into four questions, and for every set of four take 15 minutes.

Once you realize that you are running out of time for any given section, mark the place that you have left at, and start guessing intelligently. Select the probable answers after a brief intellectual analysis. Revisit some of the questions that you are not sure if you get some time after you are through.



Exam scoring

The reporting of the SAT tests is given by a number ranging from 200 to 800. Moreover, the tests are graded in a percentile manner. The scale of the score indicates the quality of your score, while the percentile is used to compare you with the other students. Target to score between 650 and 700.

Hi! SAT broadly means Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, which is conducted for admissions into higher education in the United States of America. First time Introduced in the year 1926, SAT was founded by the College Board, which is a privately owned nonprofit corporation in the United States.

High SAT Scores: Need-To-Know Tips And Strategies

The tips and strategies that you need to have so as to pass the SAT tests are very critical. They come in handy during the day of the test. You should endeavor to understand the ways of tackling the test so that you will not be disappointed during the test.


Tips to get high scores in SAT tests

  1. Take a moment to relax the night just before you sit for the test

Do not get into the habit of cramming. Basically, the tests weigh the amount of knowledge that you have accumulated throughout your study time in the year. Moreover, you have been in the preparation stage for the SAT test throughout. Do not try to understand a certain concept during the last minute. On the night before the test, relax – take a walk around town or hang out at a movies place. This will help your mind to get off the test for a while.

  1. Trust that you have learnt enough strategies to enable you pass the SAT test

You have studied enough. You have accumulated sufficient knowledge for the period that you have been preparing for the SAT test. This preparation should be enough to give you the score that you are looking for in the SAT tests. Gauge yourself once in a while with a few refresher courses so that you may remain adequately prepared for the test.

SAT high scores: Specific tips for the test


  1. Writing based on evidence

In this section you will read some passages that need some improvement. The manner in which you improve the passage more so in the punctuation and sentence order is important. It is important to read the passage quietly in a loud manner to yourself so that you can make out any grammatical errors in the passage.

  1. Reading comprehension: Evidence-based reading

This test has short and long passages. Read through each passage to get a gist of what it entails. Worry not about the details since you can always come later and handle them later. Try to find the main ideas. Try to answer the questions that have a direct answer from the passage. Anytime that you have after you have finished can be used in solving the challenging questions.

  1. Multiple choice questions: Evidence-based writing

This section has three types of questions during the SAT. The first type is where you are required to answer questions for improving certain sentences. You will be required to choose the sentence that is written in a correct manner for a certain portion that is underlined. The second type is where you will be tasked with trying to find out an erroneous part of a given sentence. The third type is where you are required to improve some paragraphs through organizing and clarifying given information. In the three types of questions, use the simplest and the clearest way to bring out your idea. You can know whether an answer is wrong if you read a statement and realize that it sounds awkward.

Hi! SAT broadly means Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, which is conducted for admissions into higher education in the United States of America. First time Introduced in the year 1926, SAT was founded by the College Board, which is a privately owned nonprofit corporation in the United States.