A New Way to Study for the SAT

Brooke, a Hobsons high school intern, describes her experience with traditional test prep courses and how PrepMe can help her improve her SAT scores.
Brooke Giles's avatar by Brooke Giles, Hobsons Marketing Intern. Brooke is a rising senior at Wakefield High School in Arlington, VA. She is a pop music enthusiast.

Taking an SAT prep class can help improve a students score by giving them strategies such as how to write the essay, how to approach difficult math questions or tips on saving time on the awfully long Reading selections. You even get to take practice exams to simulate a real testing environment.

While SAT prep classes can be beneficial to students, it’s hard to ensure that the student is getting what they need from the class. In my SAT prep class, every student had different strengths and weaknesses. Some kids needed help with grammar and some were strong in every subject, and just wanted tips on the test overall.

For me, I had difficulty with math. Sure I had gotten A’s in all my math courses that would be covered on the test, but still the thought of the Math section of the SAT made me sick. If the PSAT was any indication, the SAT would not approach math questions in a straightforward manner. My hope was that the course would help me decode the dreaded subject.

But it didn’t go that way at all.

Instead, for the three hours, twice a week, for about a month, my class focused on grammar and reading. After a long school day, reading as a class and answering questions as class was tiring. Even if we understood a concept, our teacher still taught us material we already knew. We would hardly look at math and only talked about our essay in passing.

When my Critical Reading and Writing scores came in, they were great. But my essay scores and Math scores almost mirrored the results of my last practice exam. I knew I only had the summer to improve. But I also knew that I didn’t want another class, or have to do it on my own with a book.

So I was extremely excited to find PrepMe. With knowledge of my previous SAT score, PrepMe is tailored to my strengths, so I can work on where I’m struggling. PrepMe is also interactive, so you’re not just sitting there being lectured. But what I like the most is that PrepMe is self-paced, and provides a schedule to help you complete the content before your test.

I feel confident in that working with PrepMe will make a big difference when I take the SAT in October.

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